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Packing your suitcase

WARM CLOTHES is must have! Sneakers, jeans and wind coat or rain coat considered to be a summer clothes in Russia for bed weather. What you should take for sure: thermal underwear, warm winter boots water and frost resistant, winter coat (puffer, membrana, hollofiber or any other similar feeling) should be water, wind and frost resistant at the same time, warm hat, scarf and gloves. Here are some samples of adequate winter clothes

teachers guide samples of clothes.jpg

SHOES to wear indoors. Wearing clean shoes at home or indoors is the overall rule in Russia. You should bring some cute shoes to wear at home and during the lessons

SHAMPOO and so on. There is no problem with buying any kind of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, deodorants ans so on in Russia. Moreover its a but chipper in Moscow. Thus there is no need to carry tons of heavy bottles with you. Just take average jars for the first period. But if you are fan of dry shampoo it is something you would like to bring. You will hardly find something like this in average shop.

FOOD. You can buy any kind of candy in average Moscow store except probably red vines, butterscotch and Hershey's. What you might really like to bring is baking mixes. Those will help you to make surprises for your family or prepare amazing cooking or party lesson to your students. You will definitely become kids' favorite teacher with those :)))

Presents for your family in case you want of course.


List of items Winter/Spring 2018

If you would like to bring something for school the following items will be much appreciated

Items for crafts: color paper, glue sticks, washable markers, markers for whiteboard, color feathers, pompons, googly eyes, cleaning pipes, Play-dough, paper bags. ILP celebrates traditional American events, it means any items for crafts and decorations devoted to Halloween, Thanks giving, Christmas, Valentine's day, Easter, Mothers day are much appreciated. 

Foam numbers and letters. Color fabrics.

Products for kitchen classes: marshmallows, frostage, pudding (vanilla or chocolate), speking hearts, chocolate chips, toppings, penut butter, baking mixes (cookies, cakes, cupcakes), eatable decorations (like skittles, jelly beans etc). 

Presents and items for store. Prices in store vary to teach children save tickets. It means goods can be different (small and cheap or large and more expencive). What children might like to buy:  little jars of play dough or other substances, coloring pages, stickers,  bubbles, nice hair accesorise (bands, crowns, etc), cars, dolls, pony, dinosaurs, animal figures, note pads, colors, pencils, popular cartoon heroes or items with their images (example paw patrol, my little pony, monsters, fairies, frozen  etc). Goods for arts and crafts. 

Don't throw away fancy toys which are not new, but in good condition, these will be also appreciated by our kids. 

Items for educational activities: Play-dough (children looove it) dough or sets, children books in English, large puzzles, sorters, erectors, educational kits, mozaic, english board games, educational toys. YOU DON'T HAVETO  BUY THESE, JUST BRING SOME YOUR OLD TOYS OR YOUR NEIGHBOURS. This will also help to save ecology.

Small white boards and relevant markers.